U. S. 84 – The El Camino Corridor

Group Purpose: To complete and expedite the four-laning of U. S. 84 in Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas and to continue work with the five-state El Camino Corridor Commission to raise awareness of the five-state project in order to assist with tourism and economic development along the five state corridor.

Actions Necessary:

  1. Obtain resolutions from all cities, counties (or parishes), and Chambers of Commerce along U. S. 84 in Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas.

  2. Present copies of resolutions to Governors, Directors of Departments of Transportation, all state senators and representatives, and U. S. Senators and Representatives to the Federal Highway Commission; and to all Regional Planning Commissions along the Corridor.

  3. Secure Federal Appropriations for a Corridor Study from Brunswick, Georgia, to El Paso, Texas. Set meetings with Governors and Directors of the State Departments of Transportation to discuss the need for their support of this project; involve U. S. and State Legislative Delegation in this meeting.

  4. Continue media coverage of the project throughout the five states.

  5. Formalize a coalition to lobby both state and federal legislators on the project; set annual meetings at different cities along the corridor and Washington, D.C. for the delegation.

  6. Continue to actively work with the states, and to sponsor the annual meeting of the Five-State Commission.


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